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IPv6 issue when VM moves between ports



Currently we are facing an issue on our Brocade ICX6450 devices.

We are routing some prefixes through static routes to our ISP, everything

works fine on that end but IPv6 stops working when a virtual machine

moves across ports. This can happen when VMware migrates this

machine accross hosts.


What I see in the logs on the switch is this;

next hop router 5.x.x.120 moved from port 1/1/1 to port 1/1/2


The port gets updated in the arp table and IPv4 is still working after the migration.


When I look at the IPv6 neighbor table, I see the particular entry is not updated:

Neighbor Entries in VRF: default-vrf
IPv6 Address LinkLayer-Addr State Age Port vlan I
2a00:x:x:x::2 0050.5602.2e03 STALE 627 e 1/1/1 100 0

fe80::250:56ff:fe02:2e03                0050.5602.2e03 STALE   65  e 1/1/2            100   0


It's link-local address does get updated, when I issue a ping from this machine

in question to the gateway address configured on this switch the neighbor list

gets updated and IPv6 starts working again, same when I issue a 'clear ipv6 neighbor 2a00:x:x:x::2' command.


IPv6 settings in the switch:

ipv6 unicast-routing
ipv6 route ::/0 2a00:x:x:x::2c9 (routes to isp)
ipv6 route ::/0 2a00:x:x:x::2cd (routes to isp)


interface ve 100
port-name ve100
ip address 5.x.x.113/28
no ip redirect
ipv6 address 2a00:x:x::1/48
ipv6 nd suppress-ra


I've tried numerous settings, with and without nd suppress-ra but the entry in the IPv6 neighbor list never seems to get updated.


Please advice.

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