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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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IP Configuration Options Not Visible

We have two ICX6610 stacks.  The first provides access to the public internet and the 2nd provides access to our internal network.  I have no problem configuring the public stack.  However, I do not see several of the IP configuration options on the private stack such as being able to view/set ip routes.  I see the same limitations whether through CLI or through the web interface.

Any thoughts on being able to get access to all of the options on the private stack?

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Re: IP Configuration Options Not Visible


Are you sure you are running "routing code" on both of the stack's.

"show version" and "show flash" would give you the details of what you are running.

The 4th character in the image name tells you what "type" of code you are running.

example for 7.4: FCXS07400.bin (Layer 2) or FCXR07400.bin (Layer 3)

Hope this helps,


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Re: IP Configuration Options Not Visible


Have not heard of this issue before. Ideally this should not be the case. Are they stacked to each other by any chance OR  were they stacked before and there is leftover configuration, maybe  that is what is causing this problem.  You may also see if the correct image is running in the switches as Wvanlaa mentioned above, it must be the router code.

If its None of the above, then the best bet would be to contact support.



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