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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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ICX7450-48P issues with intermittant connectivity on Management Vlan.

I have stacked ICX7450-48P switches (Client Access) connected to dual Core Cisco C4507R's and the uplink ports keep loosing connectivity on the Managenent Vlan while the Client Vlan and VOip Vlans are still pingable. Our WhatsUp Gold management soloution keeps indicating that the switch is down and up. While using SSH to the switch, the switch intermittantly drops the connection and disconnecting and I am Unable to re-establish a connection for a while but the clients are still pingable. Has anyone run up against similar issues?

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Re: ICX7450-48P issues with intermittant connectivity on Management Vlan.

We had a somewhat similiar issue where we would loose connectivy to the the switches via ssh because of too many attempts from malicious users. I changed the ssh port and set the timer to a short duration then limited the ip address range. This fixed it for a while we then started losing it again and found that if any ports encounter udp traffic on port 520 its being sent to the cpu causing the cpu to become overwhelmed. I ended up blocking all this traffic before it hits the switch and this stopped all the intermitten access and traffic issues we where having.


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