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ICX7250 - TDR is not applicable to this port!

Hi all,


ICX7250 on 08.0.30kT211


Trying to use TDR and all ports report the below. Am I doing it wrong?


#phy cable-diagnostics tdr 1/1/12
TDR is not applicable to this port!

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Re: ICX7250 - TDR is not applicable to this port!



Support TDR function at ICX7250 and this TDR function is availble from the FI image version 8.0.20.

But, ICX7250 have had a few guidelines, Please refer to TDR guidelines below...




Virtual Cable Testing configuration notes

  • VCT is supported on copper ports only. It is not supported on fiber ports.
  • VCT is only supported when Ethernet port speed is configured to Auto. VCT does not work on ports with fixed speeds.
  • VCT is not supported on the SX-FI48GPP module running FastIron software release 07.2.02 or later.
  • VCT is not supported on these FastIron devices: ICX 6610-24F, SX-FI2XG, SX-FI8XG, SX-FI24HF, SX-FI24GPP, and SX-F!48GPP modules running FastIron software release 07.3.00 or later.
  • The port to which the cable is connected must be enabled when you issue the command to diagnose the cable. If the port is disabled, the command is rejected.
  • If the port is operating at 100 Mbps half-duplex, the TDR test on one pair will fail.
  • If the remote pair is set to forced 100 Mbps, any change in MDI/MDIX may cause the device to interpret the Multilevel Threshold-3 (MLT-3) as a reflected pulse, in which case, the device will report a faulty condition. In this scenario, it is recommended that you run the TDR test a few times, clearing the registers before each test, for accurate results.
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Re: ICX7250 - TDR is not applicable to this port!

[ Edited ]

I am having this same issue, however I seem to be inline with the VCT requirements. I get the error message "TDR is not applicable to this port!" on all ports, including ports that are up or down, POE on or off, and configured with a variety of different settings. I have this happening on both SPS08030m and SPR08030m on both ICX 7250 and 7450. It does NOT happen on SPR08040b, but I have several other problems with that release.

I've tried this on ports that have a blank config as well. I checked the release notes, and they don't mention anything about the cable test being unavailable in this version.

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Re: ICX7250 - TDR is not applicable to this port!

FYI for anyone else who comes across this, the cable test is not supported on ICX 7000 series on 8.0.30. They added it back in 8.0.40.

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