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ICX6610 Booting Problems

Hello Everyone,


There seems to be big problem with my ICX6610-24 Switch. The problem description is as follows: -


When I tried to boot the switch after unpacking it, after the initial bootup process, everything would come to a halt after the following lines shown below:


platform type = 8
PCIE-1 LTSSM status: 22
PCIE Switch status: 0
Firmware integrity checksum passed
Starting Main Task .Applying factory defaults..
INFO: startup config data is not available, try to read from backup
INFO: startup config data in the backup area is not available
..CPSS DxCh Version: cpss3.4p1 release


After searching the internet and documentation, etc. I restarted the switch in BOOT MONITOR> level, and did the following commands:


MONITOR> erase 


After confirming the erase of all files in code flash, I did the following: -

MONITOR> ip address x.x.x.x/z

MONITOR> copy tftp flash x.x.x.y grzXXXXX.bin boot

MONITOR> copy tftp flash x.x.x.y FCXSxxxxxx.bin primary

MONITOR> boot system flash primary


where x.x.x.y is the IP address of TFTP Server. I tried the same with Router Code also. But, even after loading everything freshly on the switch, I am still getting the same error as mentioned above. I am not able to figure out what "startup config data" is being asked for and how to proceed.


Requesting help to resolve it ASAP. Many thanks in advance.



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