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ICX6450 stack - SSH daemon unreachable after a few days


we replaced a Cisco 3750 with a stack of 2 ICX6450's, and so far we are rather unpleased with them. At first they don't do static arp properly which kills Microsoft NLB (which is already a bad solution, I know..) but now we have an even more serious issue. The SSH daemon get unreachable after a few days. I have recently updated to the latest 08010 software, but the issue is still there. Only when I do a reboot of the units (one logical unit, it's a stack) SSH is working perfectly. After a few days it's unreachable again. Port 22 is open and listening but I am unable to create a SSH session. Putty gives 'Server unexpectedly closed network connection'. These switches are in a remote location, and that means I cannot even connect to them right now at all.

When I was at location when I upgraded the firmware, I used the console cable and I first removed the access-group on SSH but that didn't help. Only after a reboot would SSH become available again. We use SNMP monitoring on the switches to monitor port and switch health status, which still works fine.


Anyone familiar with this issue?

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Re: ICX6450 stack - SSH daemon unreachable after a few days



Excuse for the response delay.

We had this problem and as far as I can remember we made 2 modifications so we couldn't find the one that correct the problem :

- set an SSH delay, something like "ip ssh idle-time 20"

- upgrade or BNA server, he make some SSH connection, perhaps too much ...


Hope it'll help you.


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