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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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ICX6430 - Ethernet Trunking

I am not sure if i have the terminology correct, but here is my desire and am looking for pointers in the right direction.


I have two ICX6430-24 switches, that will be providing network connectivity for vmware hosts, these switches will be connected to a HA pair of Firewalls. I would like the two switches to have a connection between them to allow for a semi redundant setup.



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Re: ICX6430 - Ethernet Trunking

If you want to connect the two switches together, you have these options below:


  1. Stacking using 1G twinax cable 1G-SFP-TWX-0101 (1M) or 1G-SFP-TWX-0501 (5M)
  2. Long distance stacking using 1G Fiber optic E1MG-SX-OM (100M) or 1G Copper optic E1MG-TX (100M)
  3. Standard trunk or LAG using 1G copper port (one of the 24 ports) 


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Re: ICX6430 - Ethernet Trunking

Follow the stacking procedure for the ICX series (should be "conf t", "stack enable", "stack sec" on the master), then set up a LAG using the ports you want. If using ESXi, make sure that in the "NIC Teaming" portion of your vSwitch you set the load balancing option to "Route based on IP hash." Once you deploy the LAG you should have full redundancy.

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