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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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Anybody know how to set the POE settings on AP's? I have 2 Aruba model 105 AP's POE to this switch that have dropped some 85 -91 times in a span of 97 days. My devices are not connecting and staying on the wireless LAN becuase of this. I am trying to increase their POE setting.



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Re: ICX6430-24P

Do you mean power settings of PoE ports on Brocade?

If yes you should use "inline power" command set:


ICX6430-24P(config)#inline power ethernet 1/1/24 

  decouple-datalink   Decouple PoE from data link operational behavior

  ethernet            Ethernet port

  power-by-class      Allocate power based on class of the power devices

  power-limit         Allocate power based on specified limit

  priority            Priority class for the purpose of power management

  to                  To an end range

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