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ICX Stack Upgrade question

Hi All,


I am planning a ICX6610 x3 stack upgrade from 7.4 to 8.x. I have read the documentation, but I am missing a few bits and pieces.Any help to clear out the below will be appreciated.


As per my understanding:

1). Load the boot rom file to active unit..

2). Load the software to active unit's primary flash.

3). "reload" the active unit.


So questions are:

1). Does invoking "reload" on the active unit going to reload all stack members? Or do I need to reload each stack member? 

2). At which point does the "auto-image upgrade" process kick in?

3). If I do need to rollback, can I boot off the secondary flash to the older image?  If I invoke "downgrade_to 7.x-releases" and then reboot does it auto boot to the old image?


Many thanks!


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Re: ICX Stack Upgrade question

hello sir.

yes you understood the steps are ok.

so the answers are :)

1) if you enter the "reload" command all of the members will reload. you dont have to reload each member.

2) when you finish uploading the new image to the switch, auto-image upgrade will copy the image to the flash of members.

3) "C1(config)#boot system flash secondary " is boots by the secondary image.




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