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ICX 7750 & 7450 logging/debug questions

I'm trying to chase down an issue and I've noticed some differences in the logging for the different routers.


On some I'm getting mostly SSH logins from BNA and "next hop router" messages.  On others, I'm only getting the "next hop router" messages.  I don't think any debug settings are set so why the difference?  And since there's such a limited amount of storage for log messages on the routers, is there a way to not track the SSH login and/or the "next hop router" messages?


Also, my 7750 isn't showing up on my syslog server.  The 7450s show up depending on which IP address I use (they have 3 for some reason) but I only see the one IP for the 7750.  Suggestions?

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Re: ICX 7750 & 7450 logging/debug questions



Regarding the logging messages discrepancies, it seems that the switches have different levels of logging level. you can check that by issuing command "show logging".


SSH_Beck#show logging
Syslog logging: enabled ( 0 messages dropped, 0 flushes, 0 overruns)
    Buffer logging: level ACDMEINW, 13 messages logged.


By default the switch is logging all message severities, to disable certain level you can follow the steps below:


device(config)#no logging buffered level


for eg, to disable informational messages:


device(config)#no logging buffered informational


Regarding the syslog server, have you checked the 7750 switch config and confirmed the syslog server is added via the "logging host " command? If so, have you tried pinging the server to see if it is reachable?


I didn't get the 3 IPs question about the 7450. You are kindly requested to shed more light here.




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