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ICX 7750: VXLAN doesn’t forward broadcasts?


I have the following setup:

L2 switch --- ICX 7750 --- SOME IP NETWORK --- ICX 7750 --- L2 switch


The VXLAN setup is really simple:


vlan 100 name TEMP by port

tagged ethe 1/1/33


interface ethernet 1/1/33

port-name TEMP

vxlan vlan 100 vni 100 l2-tunnel 1


interface l2-tunnel 1

l2-tunnel mode vxlan eline

l2-tunnel source

l2-tunnel destination


Connected to both L2 switches (on each side) there is a PC. Obviously on the same subnet (since VXLAN is L2 VPN). No PC on either switch isn’t able to ping a PC on the opposite side – all of them isn’t able to resolve ARP!

But the moment I put a static ARP entry in both PCs, they manage ping and communicate with each other. Therefore, VXLAN seems to be up, besides not forwarding the ARP request.

The only difference I see, is ARP requests being sent to broadcast MAC address. Moreover, each PC is able to ping successfully the appropriate IP addresses on the switch close to it. S it doesn’t seem to be some L2 configuration/problem with the LAN on each side. The setup is as simple as outlined above, and the ping responses stop if I disconnect the 7750 from the IP network between them (proof of the fact the LANs on each side are indeed communicating with each other across the VXLAN).

Any ideas will be welcomed. Is the anything I need to add to the configuration for forwarding broadcast requests?

Thank you.

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