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ICX 7750 Stacking Options

I am working on Setting up a pair of ICX 7750s.  If possible, I would like to stack them to act as a single unit.  I've upgraded both units to the 8.2.0b software, so stacking is possible. The question I have, is to utilize stacking, can it be done through standard ethernet cabling via port 1-48?  Or is it manditory that it go through the backside module (which I don't have) or one of the module 2 ports (1-6)?


The manual only talks about using those ports, but does not say it is a requirement.


Also, as a followup, it shouldn't matter whether the code is running in switch mode or routing mode, correct?


Thanks for any help.



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Re: ICX 7750 Stacking Options


I suggest you have a look to the 8.0.20 TOI .

I have attached for you the two ppt dealing with the stacking features for the 7750.

Hope this helps.



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Re: ICX 7750 Stacking Options

Thanks for the prompt response and info.  It helped greatly.

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