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ICX 7250 SNMP OID for PoE "Thermal Plane" Sensor 2



we are using SNMP to get temperture Values into our Icinga/nagvis. If i do a "show chassis" on my ICX 7250 i get two Sensors:


Sensor 1 = MGMT Thermal Plane = CahassiTemperature  and Sensor 2= POE MGMT PLANE


I loaded the MIB for the Switch and with OID: . = snChasActualTemperature.0 and OID . = snChasUnitActualTemperature.1  i get the Values for the MGMT Thermal Plane.


in one or two Switches we have issues with the POE Temperature but the OID for this Sensoe can't be found. I looked through the MIB


can any one tell me the OID's or if there aren't any=?



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Re: ICX 7250 SNMP OID for PoE "Thermal Plane" Sensor 2



Looking into the IP MIB reference, there are only two OIDs that can be polled regarding temperature for stacking switches; 1 for Sensor Description and the other for Temp Value. As shown below


1) snAgentTemp2SensorDescr


Syntax: DisplayString


Description of the temperature sensor.

2) snAgentTemp2Value


Syntax: Integer

Read-only Temperature of the sensor represented by this row. Each unit is 0.5º


Valid values: 110º - 250º Celsius.


These seem to be only polling Sensor 1 in the "Show Chassis" Command. It Doesn't seem that Sensor 2 can be polled via SNMP.


Hope this helps addressing your concern.




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Re: ICX 7250 SNMP OID for PoE "Thermal Plane" Sensor 2



thanks for the info.



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