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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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ICX 6610 stacking

Trying to figure out the stacking. Show stack appears to show everything connected. Only one vlan (9). VE interface working. If I unplug one the other one went offline. Is it supposed to pickup? Also trying to understand routing on it. On top switch, Port 1 has my computer, port has another device. I am pinging the other device fine. If I move my laptop cable to the bottom I cannot ping. I am assuming that packets not flowing over the stack that way? layer 2 only and use VRRP?

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Re: ICX 6610 stacking

dlove,  could you provide little more detail on how many 6610 boxes you have in the stack? If I am not wrong, are you saying your PC is connected to switch#1 as well as to another device?

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