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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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ICX 6610 and Default VLAN

I have just put in 2 6610's as new Fiber Core switches, running layer 3 code, that took the place of 3Com 4900sx switches. 


The majority of our network is all in Vlan 1. We do have some vlans setup and traffic segmented, but all our clients and servers are on vlan 1.


The 6610's are setup with the ports tagged to the non-default vlans, and the ports set to dual mode for Vlan 1. 


When we put the switches in, most everything worked. I did have to engage brocade support to help me get DHCP working for our clients, though. Even though the DHCP server and the clients were in VLAN 1, the 6610 would not pass the DHCP packets until we set it up with the ip helper-address 1 xx.**filtered**.xx.**filtered** unicast command. 


We have noticed one or two other issues. Our network projector (Epson) uses a software package called EasyMP to connect to the projector. However, since we put in the new switches the software will only detect the projector if we hard code the ip.


We also had some very old networked manufactuing machines that were built off NT4. These stopped resolving names when we put in the new switches. We changed thier configuration to force them to use DNS and that didn't fix the problem, so for those systems we had to put in a host file entry. 


The 6610 switch that is acting as the gateway form the VLANs seems to be working fine except for the strange broadcast issues on the default VLAN. Anyone have some ideas as to what I need to do next?



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Re: ICX 6610 and Default VLAN

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