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ICX 6610 Stack : issue after reboot

Hello everyone,


After reboot one switch of my stack. All interfaces are down.


The switch stay in NON-OP State.

ID    Type                 Role        Pri State      Comment

2  S ICX6610-24    member    0 remote  NON-OP: PREM: VRRP


In the log :

Aug 18 11:27:02:E:Stack: Unit 2 cc4e.24c2.a424 doesn't have the matching advanced feature privileges
Aug 18 11:27:02:E:T=6d20h15m48.5: *** Warning! put U2 MAC=cc4e.24c2.a424 to non-operational, reason= PREM: VRRP.
Aug 18 11:27:02:I:Stack: Stack unit 2 has been added to the stack system


I think this due to the VRRP licence (expired).

But how could i workaround, because the new licence doesn't arrive before a long time...


Thank you if you have an anwer :)

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