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ICX 6450 OSPF help



I have recently started studying for my BCNE using my company's brocade lab.


I'm trying to set up OSPF. 


One of our devices is an ICX 6450 24p running ICX64R08020 base router package.


I have set this to boot from the secondary flash and confirmed it is running the router package but when I try to enable OSPF the command is unrecognised.


In the configuration terminal the only command option availabe after 'router' is vsrp. As far as I know thats a switch redundancy protocol, but everything else suggests I am running the router image.


Can anyone advise where I might be going wrong here?

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Re: ICX 6450 OSPF help

Ah. 'Show license' is returning no licenses. Time to speak to our admin i guess :)

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Re: ICX 6450 OSPF help

You need a premium license here.

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