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ICX 6430

Does ICX 6430 24 support Multi ring protocol ?

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Re: ICX 6430

Hi Syed,

    Cannot see where it states it is supported or not in the manual.

However I did a quick test and I could config MRP in my 6430 - though as I have only one switch could not test it to the level of working - but you can configure it, so should be all good.

SSH@6430swtich(config-vlan-22-mrp-2)#sh metr

Total MRP entries configured = 1

Metro Ring 2 - my_mrp


Ring       State      Ring       Master     Topo       Hello      Prefwing

id                    role       vlan       group      time(ms)   time(ms)

2          enabled    member     22         not conf   100        300

Ring interfaces Interface role Forwarding state Active interface interface type

ethernet 1/1/16 primary        disabled         none             regular

ethernet 1/1/15 secondary      forwarding       ethernet 1/1/15  regular

RHPs sent            RHPs rcvd            TC RBPDUs rcvd       State changes

0                    0                    0                    3

SSH@6430swtich(config-vlan-22-mrp-2)#sh run | b metr

metro-ring 2

  ring-interfaces  ethernet 1/1/16  ethernet 1/1/15


  name my_mrp



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