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ICX 6430 and priority_marking

Hello all,

I am having an issue.  I have a ICX 6430, version 7.4.00, that I am having a hard time understanding.

I want to prioritize and mark traffic destined for a specific IP as high priority.  I am using a ACL to match the traffic inbound on the interface.  My ACL looks like:

access-list 103 permit ip any host 802.1p-priority-marking 7 internal-priority-marking 7

access-list 103 permit ip any any

My goal is to mark the packet with a high priority for other equipment down the path, as well as place the packet in the high-priority queue for this switch to forward promptly.

When I look at a trace of the traffic, I am not seeing any change in the packet.  I am expecting the DSCP/CoS/Priority field to be changing, but it isn't.  Is this expectation wrong?  How do I validate that the traffic is receiving the high priority that I want?


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Re: ICX 6430 and priority_marking

Hi Todd,

  I found this in the Config Guide (for 7.3)  I would assume the ICX 6430 will be the same as the ICX 6610.

Configuration notes for FCX and
ICX 6610 devices

These devices do not support marking and prioritization simultaneously with the same rule (and do not support DSCP CoS mapping at all). To achieve this, you need to create two separate rules. In other words, you can mark a rule with DSCP or 802.1p information, or you can prioritize a rule based on DSCP or 802.1p information. You can enable only one of the following
ACL options per rule:




So this looks like you need to create and apply two ACL's to the port to do what you are after.



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