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ICX 6430 - Uplink VLAN question

Forgive me (please) for the rookie question but I am out of my usual comfort zone.


I am attempting to connect a new ICX 6430 to an existing network via 1GbE.  The network I am connecting to uses VLAN 20 (it's in a 3rd party colo facility).  I am told the upink port on the far side will be tagging traffic as VLAN 20. 


What do I need to setup on my side?  Tagging? Uplink? Dual-mode?


I had dual-mode setup on all ports and uplink set on port 1 and it seemed to work for a while (I was seeing devices on the other side in the arp cache), but when I connected devices to it I lost all communication to even local devices.  (The arp cache cleared and showed only my machine, which had be connected via web client.)


I'm really confused and would appreciate ANY help.



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Re: ICX 6430 - Uplink VLAN question

Good morning, Michael-B. Assuming your IP space, VLAN and routing are set up correctly, your trunk interface should be tagged into your VLAN. Your client ports can be untagged, or tagged if needed. Having a scrubbed 'show run' and a 'show ver' to see your s/w level and type (R or S) will help. Also, is everything on the switch in VLAN 20?

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