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ICX 6430: 2 vlans, 1 port

Sorry, I have trouble with vlans, tagging, etc.  


I have a Brocade ICX 6430 switch with a Ruckus AP connected to one port.   The AP is in vlan 102.  I want to connect a printer to the second port on the AP which works but I get a IP address in the 102 vlan and I would like to have it in it's normal vlan of 10.


I'm just unclear what changes I need to make to either vlan and/or the port on the switch.



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Re: ICX 6430: 2 vlans, 1 port



To carry 2 VLANs on an access port, one needs to be tagged and the other untagged. So if the AP VLAN 102 is untagged, you will somehow need to configure the printer Ethernet port to send traffic tagged in VLAN 10. Or vice versa, tagged VLAN 102 for AP and untagged VLAN10.


On the switch, to achieve a dual VLAN setup, both VLANs will be configured as tagged under VLAN configuration, then under the port configuration the command "dual port" to be used followed by the VLAN to be untagged. Please refer to the link below


Hope this helps addressing your issue.




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