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I need to create an ACL

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Hello all and thanks for taking the time to check this out. I appreciate any assistance anyone can offer.


The ACL is probably very simple for most of you.

Okay...I have a VoiP phone with Ip address on VLAN 40

I need to block all outgoing traffic on the phone to the call manager at, but still allow incoming traffic.

Thats it. 

If you can help, could you explain the logic in your rule? I need to know the syntax and the flow of the rule.


You don't have to include the logic part, just the acl rule will be okay, but if you have the time to include it , great.



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Re: I need to create an ACL


Firstly permit access call manager to host

permit ip host host

Then permit responses back from the host to call manager (allow Acknowledgment (ACK) or Reset (RST) will not allow SYN)

permit tcp host host established gt 1023

Then deny all other from host to call manager

deny ip host host

Allow everything else (if required)

permit ip any any


This will only allow TCP connections to host from call manager (for UDP this would need to be modified)


Also worth checking that phone does not need to make specific connections to the call manager, if it does ACL would need to be modified accordingly


Hope this helps


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