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I am only seeing the front panel view on ICX6450 Web Management

Ver: 08.0.10dT313
bootrom: 10.1.01T310 (kxz10101)

both latest release at time of posting

New switch, new configuration.

I configured entire switch via CLI, and it is functioning fine.

When I access the web interface, I get the login, login fine via radius authentication, but only get the front-panel view and the logout button.

I have other Brocade FCX switches configured similar and they work fine with my browser.

Anyone have any tips or ideas?  I can post more information upon request.

I am accessing from multiple laptops/servers Windows 7, server 2008 and 2008R2.  I.E. and Chromium.  The same laptops and servers that work with the FCX's.



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