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How to upgrade firmware ?

All our infrastrure is connected to our switch foundry SX800.
We would like to upgrade the firmware version from 4.1 to the latest version.
Could you tell me: What is the latest version? How much downtime is necessary to do this
kind of operation? How could I backup the current configuration in order to prevent any
problem? What is the more secure process to do so?


Compiled on May 05 2008 at 21:05:35 labeled as SXL04100a

(3278088 bytes) from Primary sxl04100a.bin

BootROM: Version 04.0.00T3e5 (FEv2)

HW: Chassis FastIron SX 800

Serial #: SA40085333

Version 04.1.00aT3e1 Copyright (c) 1996-2008 Foundry Networks, Inc.

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Re: How to upgrade firmware ?

BootROM: Version 04.0.00T3e5 (FEv2)

first upgrade to release 04.3.02

To upgrade FGS standalone devices from software release 04.3.02 to version 07.2.02e with the intent of forming a stack, first upgrade the units individually (in standalone mode) without connecting the stacking cables. After upgrading all of the FGS units, you can then connect the stacking cables.
• If FGS-STK or FLS-STK devices are upgraded from software release 04.3.00 non-stacking mode to release 07.2.02e stacking mode, these devices may lose some port-related functions. If you are upgrading from a pre-stacking release to a stacking release, refer to “Converting from a pre-stacking image to a stacking image” in the FastIron Configuration Guide.

Check out the Notes:\7202.940\07202e.940\Manuals.940\FastIron_07202e_ReleaseNotes.pdf

Copy run tftp to backup the config. Are you using Ironview?

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Re: How to upgrade firmware ?

Hi Sante,

the very latest code for FastIron SX800/1600 is version 7300.

I would not go to the very latest initial version of a new major release.

I would suggest to go to v7202e.

You could directly upgrade to v7202e.

- download the new image for v7202e; watch out for the same type of image. You are now using the Base L3 image SXL

- download the appropriate new BootRom sxz7200 for this image

- backup you current config via TFTP

wr mem

copy startup-config tftp <ip address of your tftp server> sx800-cfg.txt

- upload new bootrom to mgmt module

copy tftp flash <ip address of your tftp server> sxz72000.bin boot

- upload new image file to flash

copy tftp flash <ip address of your tftp server> sxl07200e.bin secondary

- change the boot source to the config

config terminal

boot system flash secondary

write mem

- reload

The FastIron SX is booting pretty fast. You might have a downtime of about 1minute.

Hope this helps


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