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How to turn off TRILL on Brocade routers

We are attempting to deploy SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA) to get data from netiron devices using sflow.


The NTA is not collecting and parsing flows from brocade routers.


Solarwinds provided the suggestion ot turn off TRILL on these devices (see


I just can't find directions on how to do that. can anyone provide some guidance on this?


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Re: How to turn off TRILL on Brocade routers

Trill works only on VDX "Routers" - and is the reason why you have VDX. So turning Trill off would not be a good suggestion .. Other Routers or Switch Routers won't have Trill. 



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Re: How to turn off TRILL on Brocade routers

TRILL is a integral component to the VDX products and i don't understand why it would need to be disabled. It sounds like solarwinds is generically dropping all packets with TRILL entries present which is a limitation on their end.


I would think solarwinds would put an update out to mitigate this issue.


Brocade Network Advisor is our analysis/management platform that is also an option:





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