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How to remove an interface from a trunk using link-aggregate connected to a cluster?

Good morning and thanks in adance for checking this post.


I have 2 SX1600 trunked together (40GIG) in a redundant cluster. This cluster serves a number of ICX6450 stacks via 20G (2 10G link-aggr interfaces). However in one location I have a FCX624S-F stack (as an L2) and it is a client in the cluster. I want to break the 20G back into 2 10G links. One 10G link from the FCX cluster (Wireless) and one 10G link from a SuperX (Lan and legacy devices).


Currently I do this  FCX 1/3/1 < 10 G > to 8/2 on SX 1600 1

                                  FCX 1/3/2 < 10 G > to 8/2 on SX 1600 2


____FCX running cfg_____

interface ethernet 1/3/1
spanning-tree 802-1w admin-pt2pt-mac
link-aggregate configure timeout short
link-aggregate configure key 40000
link-aggregate active


interface ethernet 1/3/2
link-aggregate configure key 40000
link-aggregate configure timeout short
link-aggregate active



_____on both SX 1600_________ cluster config

client MdfFcx
rbridge-id 400
client-interface link-aggregation ethe 8/2
client-interface link-aggregation timeout-short



I think I want to do this...

FCX 1/3/1  <-10G-> to 8/2SX 1600 1

SuperX <-10G-> to 8/2 SX 1600 2


Is this as simple as removing link-aggregation and configuring correct VLAN's and tagging and spanning-tree?

I need to remove the FCX from the cluster as a client yes? Or can it stay?


Thank you.















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