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How to remove admin password on Brocade DS-5000B

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Need help removing the admin password from this switch? Tired of brocade's lack of documentation? me too.


I am new to this form (and will probably never log into this account again) so I am not sure if i am posting in the right category but, I FINALLY figured out how to remove the admin password on a Brocade DS-5000B and figured why not post my solution so other people dont have to go through hours of searching like i did.


I did find this article that helped me get on the right track:


If you are able to access the PROM interface, follow my tutorial. if not, refer to the link above to access the interface.


0.) Open serial connection

1.) Boot switch

2.) press escape to enter boot interface when prompted

3.) press 3 for command shell

4.) enter PROM password (if prompted)

5.) enter command 'printenv'

6.) locate OSLoadOptions (it will probably say "=quiet;quiet")

7.) enter command: 'unsetenv OSLoadOptions=quiet;quiet'

8.) enter command: 'setenv OSLoadOptions=single'

9.) verify settings with 'printenv'

10.) enter command 'reset' and let it boot up

11.) enter command 'mount -o remount,rw,noatime'

12.) enter command 'mount /dev/hda1 /mnt'

13.) enter command '/sbin/passwddefault'

14.) enter command 'bootenv OSLoadOptions ”quiet;quiet”'

15.) enter command 'reboot -f'


you should now have access to the root account


user: root

pass: fibranne


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