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How to make Wake-On-Lan Inter Router with Brocade

Hello!  I need help.  I would like to configure Wake-On-Lan inter router Brocade ICX6610.


I follow this configuration:


It's work perfecly for computers who are in back of the router.


Now I would like that it work behind a second router.  If I activate "ip directed-broadcast" on the second router, it's work.  But I want to make it with iP helper-adress or something like that.


WOL Server


  Router #1 ICX6610  -------> PC (Wol OK)


  Router #2 ICX6610 -------> PC (wol don't work (unless I active ip directed-broadcast))


 Anyone can help me please?



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Re: How to make Wake-On-Lan Inter Router with Brocade

We found the solution! Cat Very Happy


We create an ACL on the second router and we activate it on the "master link" port of router.


Eg: Wol Server Address:


access-list 101 permit ip host

access-list 101 deny ip any

access-list 101 permit ip any any


The 1st line allow wol server to broadcast.

The 2nd line block all others broadcast (because we activate ip directed-broadcast on link).

The third line allow normal traffic.


Now, we put that on the "master link" ethernet 1/3/4 and we activate ip directed-broadcast.


interface ethernet 1/3/4

  port-name Uplink (Gi1/3)

  ip access-group 101 in

  ip address

  ip directed-broadcast

  ip pim-sparse

  ip ospf area 0

  sflow forwarding



All traffic who enter on the router pass in our access-list.



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