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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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How to flash FCX firmware?

I purchased fcx switch and vendor sent me the new firmware but do not know how to flash the firmware to latest.

Is there any tutorial somewhere or can anyone give me steps?

I have the flash on USB.


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Re: How to flash FCX firmware?


1. Register your product at

2. Download latest image software from "downloads" tab in your mybrocade account.

3. Copy this file into your tftp server

4. give an ip to your device (should be reachable from your tftp server)
     if it is a switchcode:

conf t

ip add a.b.c.d/e

     if it is a router code:

conf t

int e 1/1/1
ip add a.b.c.d/e

5. copy tftp flash "tftp server ip address" "imagefilename.bin" primary

6. reload your device

you may need to be sure about boot code compatible with the new image version. if not first upgrade your boot code with the same method above

copy tftp flash "tftp server ip address" "bootimagefilename.bin" bootrom


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Re: How to flash FCX firmware?


     Also the release notes give you detailed instruction on the whole process and what file/s are needed for boot and image (switching,base layer 3 and full routing code).



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