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How to enable QoS on ICX Series

Good morning!


I am tring to find some documents on how to enable QOS on my ICX6430's and my stack of six ICX6610's. The ICX6430s are running ICX64S0810k.bin code and my ICX6610's are runnning FCXR07300m.bin. Any help woult be great!



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Re: How to enable QoS on ICX Series

Default classification is done by the CoS value on Brocade switches. If you want DSCP-based QoS, you will need either need an ACL or enable trust DSCP command. It could do as simple as "trust dscp" command or a complex QOS configuration using ACL like "access-list 101 permit ip any any dscp-cos-mapping". You can also do remarking to a different value.

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