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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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How to connect 3 switches, in 3 locations, in a loop

I have 3 stacks of access switches (all FCX648), each in different locations (different floors). Right now switch 3 is connected to switch 2, and switch 2 is connected to switch 1 (using 10Gb fiber XFP). I want to introduce a new connection between switch 3 and switch 1 for redundancy.


Should I just plug this in and let it go, or should I configure something to so it knows that my interconnects are uplinks. I want to prevent any kind of confusion to the network equipment.


Thanks in advance :)

Posts: 40
Registered: ‎01-28-2013

Re: How to connect 3 switches, in 3 locations, in a loop

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OK, after some more research, it looks like I need to have 1 switch set as the root bridge by it having the highest priority.

I have RSTP turned on and my switch 1 has the priority set to the highest priority (lowest number) between the 3 switches (while in enable and config mode, I typed in,...

spanning-tree priority 1000

I think I am good, unless someone else sees a flow in my logic :)


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