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How to configure IP helper on 6450

I have a windows 2008R2 dhcp server with two scope. One for voice and one for data vlan. The dhcp server is currently on vlan 20 data and have the ip I have two 6450 with routing image. I enabled router interface on each vlan.

interface ve 1 is on vlan 10 voip.

interface ve 2 is on vlan 20 data

I added this line to interface ve 2  ip helper-address 1

All switch ports are tagged and use dual mode vlan 20. I try to manually tag the phone to vlan 10. But I'm not able to have an IP from dhcp server. Am I missing something with ip helper ?

Also, do I need to configure ip helper on both switches ?

See attached file for config.


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Re: How to configure IP helper on 6450

fnbisson, Not sure what is exactly causing the DHCP server from allocating the ip address. Would you be able to share the topology diagram if possible?



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Re: How to configure IP helper on 6450


you need the ip helper command on int ve 1, not on int ve 2, as the DHCP Server is located inside the layer 2 domain of vlan 20.


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