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How to change DSCP values on outbound Interface only for specific networks

Good afternoon all,

  I have some networks being routed out a ve and I would like to look at them and if they are certain subnets, I would like to change or make their DSCP values AF31


On the ve Interface I currently have an inbound Access List so assuming I can put some type of outbound list on the ve to change dscp values?


Currently I am allowing the following networks to route out the Interface (IPs changed for security)



I would like to somehow be able to say any traffic sourced from the first 3 networks above should have their DSCP values changed to AF31 and all other traffic is unchanged.


I am totally new to QoS/CoS and have to get this implemented in the very near future so hoping that someone can give me an example of a configuration that might accomplish this.


my Virtual Ethernet is currently configured as follows:


interface ve 205
port-name *_CustomerSite_*
ip address
ip access-group CustomerSite in



I can provide whatever additional information may be necessary to assist. 


I really appreciate any feedback and guidance





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