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How to? :: Quick steps to configure ASN + BGP


I have configured switch with public ip using L3 image running default route.

Can anyone tell me quick steps to configure ASNXXXX

I need to run few x.x.x.0/24


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Re: How to? :: Quick steps to configure ASN + BGP

Hi ,

     What switch/router are you using? FCX,ICX,CER etc.

To configure an ASN on a Brocade router you do the following;

FastIron> enable

FastIron#configure terminal

FastIron(config)#router bgp

BGP4: Please configure 'local-as' parameter in order to enable BGP4.

FastIron(config-bgp-router)#local-as 10

FastIron(config-bgp-router)#neighbor remote-as 100

FastIron(config-bgp-router)#write memory

Hope that helps you out some.



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