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How single mac address access multiple ports ?

I have two virtual hosts A, B and a virtual machine that is moving between the hosts, the problem that A  is connected to port and B also connected to another port, so when the virtual machine run in A its mac address will stick to A, and run ok, but when move it to the B it is denied.

So, the question Is it possible in port security that one mac address can access two or multiple ports either statically or dynamically on the same switch?

If no provide me other solution to secure the LAN like for example 802.1x....

by the way I am using Brocade Fastlron SuperX switch.



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Re: How single mac address access multiple ports ?

Hi fghonaim,

I think this is what you are after;

Setting the maximum number of secure MAC addresses

for an interface

When MAC port security is enabled, an interface can store one secure MAC address. You can increase the number of MAC addresses that can be stored to a maximum of 64, plus the total number of global resources available.

For example, to configure interface 7/11 to have a maximum of 10 secure MAC addresses, enter

the following commands.

FastIron(config)#interface ethernet 7/11

FastIron(config-if-e1000-7/11)#port security

FastIron(config-port-security-e1000-7/11)#maximum 10

Syntax: maximum <


The <

number-of-addresses> parameter can be set to a number from 0 through 64 plus (the total number of global resources available). The total number of global resources is 2048 or 4096, depending on flash memory size. Setting the parameter to 0 prevents any addresses from being

learned. The default is 1.

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