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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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How do you enable multicast on an ICX 6450 (SW: 10.0.0 T313) using the layer-3 image?

The problem is, when I enter:

(config)#router pim

pim is not available as a command. What do I need to enable to follow my notes?


Here's my notes, we're using static routes for now (eventually ospf).


Configure the following global parameter:
• Enable the PIM Sparse mode of multicast routing. Configure the following interface parameters:
• Configure an IP address on the interface
• Enable PIM Sparse.
Configure the following PIM Sparse global parameters:
• Identify the Layer 3 switch as a candidate PIM Sparse Rendezvous Point (RP), if applicable. Specify the IP address of the RP (if you want to statically select the RP).
• Specify the IP address of the RP (if you want to statically select the RP).


r1-router-a ( ***RP***
vlan 248 by port
tagged ethe 1/1/3
router-interface ve 248
interface ve 248
ip address

r1-router-b (
r1-router-c (
r1-router-d (


Each router
1. Enable on router
Brocade(config)#router pim
! tell RP address

! to disable
! Brocade(config)#router pim
! Brocade(config-pim-router)#disable-pim

2. Enable on interface
Brocade(config-if-<248>)# ip pim-sparse

3. Do you have to enable igmp snooping on LAN interface?

Rendezvous router
Brocade(config)#router pim
Brocade(config-pim-router)#rp-candidate ve <248>

Show status
show ip pim rp-set
show ip pim rp-map

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