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How do -X2 line cards increase route table size?

Hi all, I have some aging MLXe's with MR2-X management and -X line cards.  They operate as edge routers, so full BGP feeds to multiple providers, inward-facing OSPF/OSPFv3.  Assuming the right level of code, is replacing the line cards all that's necessary to allow me to gain higher numbers for the route-related system-max variables?  It just detects all X2 cards, now you get larger numbers?



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Re: How do -X2 line cards increase route table size?

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you need to run at least 05.800 & remove all Gen1.1 from the chassis, else the system will scale down to -X, then switch the cam-profile and configure algorithmic cam mode:

This will increase the size for the FIB, the RIB will stay the same (depending on the management module). 
Jörg Kost

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