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How can I enable the SFP ports of a ICX6450%3F



I´m new in the world of switches, I hope you can help me...


I have two ICX6450, I need to connect them through fiber usinfg SFP transceivers.


I configured the switches, assigned IP addresses to both and I made a succesful test through copper (ping between the devices) to check communication.


Now, I am trying to communicate them using the GBIC's, but with no succesful results so far... 


I used the command sh int e 1/2/1 ( that is the slot/port that appears on the CLI when I insert the GBIC), the text that shows up says that the 10GigabitEthernet is down. I tried to use the command portenable 1/2/1 , but the CLI marks it as invalid...


How can I change the status to "UP" in order to achieve communication?


Thanks in advance

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Re: How can I enable the SFP ports of a ICX6450%3F

What SFP's do you have? If they are 1G you will have to do the following


int e 1/2/1

speed 1000-full



Depending on code level you may then have to write memory and reload.

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Re: How can I enable the SFP ports of a ICX6450%3F

So i guess i ran into the same Problem:



1 ICX7450-24 with 3 * 40G Modules (1 * 10GB 1/2/1  & 8*1GB (1/3/1 - 1/4/4)

1 ICX6450-48 with 1 * 10GB in 1/2/1

2 ICX6430-48 as stack with 4 * 1 GB in 1/2/2 + 1/2/4 & 2/2/2 + 2/2/4 , aswell as a direct kable in 1/2/3 + 2/2/3 fpr the stack

1 ICX6430-48 with 2* 1GB in 1/2/2 & 1/2/4


Each Switch is updated to 8030c and got an ip from - 213/22


I managed to get the stack working and to get the 10GB connection working.


I cant use 1/2/1 on the 6430s for the ocnnection to 1/3/x pr 1/4/x on the icx7450 or can i? (i get nan error when i try to use the int eth 1/2/1 command, something about only for stacking or uplink)


So from what i read now i have to set the Speed for the 1 GB Ports to 1000-full and enable them and it should work?


but i also would need to create a trunk for the 4 connections from the stack and the 2 from the single ICX6430 wouldnt i? Whats the command to do that?

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Re: How can I enable the SFP ports of a ICX6450%3F

[ Edited ]

The 6430 is setup for stacking out of the box


From the stacking guide


When stacking is enabled, ports 1 and 3 are dedicated to stacking and cannot be used for data ports. Use the stack-port command to select only one of these default ports as the stacking port. If you do not select a defaultport as the stacking port, both default ports operate as stacking ports.


On the 6430, if it's not a stack, and won't be is to unable stacking, no stack enable, then reload, this will likely wipe your config so be sure to save a copy to reconfigure your switch


If you just want to use 1/2/1, and not 1/2/3, could could just do


conf t

stack-port 1/2/3

wr mem


Then you should be able to manage that port as a data port


You don't have to code speed on a 1G port, only if you're putting a 1G optic in a 10G port


I'm a little confused what topology you are trying to use so I can't answer about the trunk specifically


A diagram may help a bit




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