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Hello can u help me with BGP and BigIron

Hi i have 2ISP Providers via BGP create 2 Prefix List and have 4 Networks slesh /24. My questions is how i can set when i add one network on 1st prefixlist i want to be use for out my second ISP couse when i use for now i try with traceroute (example) but my out is First ISP..



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Re: Hello can u help me with BGP and BigIron

If i understand the question the answer is simple. You want to advertise out both isp but only want traffic to go out isp A and not ISP B?

If thats the case you can create you 2 prefix lists or even use the same prefix list for advertisements ie.

router bgp

local-as "myas num"

neighbor remote-as x.x.x.x

neighbor remote-as y.y.y.y

neighbor  prefix-list  my-prefixes out

neighbor prefix-list  my-prefixes out


you can then just  set the localpref on isp b to a lower value

ie route-map LOCALPREF PERMIT 10




Now traffic will only go out isp a unless isp a is down.



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