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HQOS on MLX question.

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Could anyone help me configure HQOS on MLX 10gig interface (NI-MLX-10Gx8-M)?


Basically, I need to shape a 10Gig interface to 10Mbps and then have 8 mixed queues (3 SP and 5 WFQ).

hqos queue-policy Q-7
shaper-rate 2000
shaper-burst-size 10
hqos queue-policy Q-6
shaper-rate 1000
shaper-burst-size 10
hqos queue-policy Q-5
shaper-rate 5000
shaper-burst-size 10
hqos scheduler-policy vlan-business level level-0
shaper-rate 20000
shaper-burst-size 10
scheduler-type mixed
scheduler-flow Other-traffic scheduler-input 0 weight 1 scheduler-policy other-policy
hqos scheduler-policy other-policy level level-3
shaper-rate 10000000
shaper-burst-size 10
scheduler-type-other mixed
scheduler-flow NC2 scheduler-input 7 scheduler-policy Q-7
scheduler-flow NC1 scheduler-input 6 scheduler-policy Q-6
scheduler-flow EF scheduler-input 5 scheduler-policy Q-5
scheduler-flow AF4 scheduler-input 4 weight 40 scheduler-policy queue-default
scheduler-flow AF2 scheduler-input 3 weight 40 scheduler-policy queue-default
scheduler-flow AF1 scheduler-input 2 weight 20 scheduler-policy queue-default
scheduler-flow CS1 scheduler-input 1 weight 10 scheduler-policy queue-default
scheduler-flow BE scheduler-input 0 weight 10 scheduler-policy queue-default

interface e5/1

hqos service-policy output vlan-business

  hqos-map Other-traffic match other



I have the above configuration on the MLX and as long I apply the hqos under the TenGig interface, MLS starts dropping all packets.  Is there anything wrong with my configure?  


Thanks and Regards,

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Posts: 2
Registered: ‎09-29-2015

Re: HQOS on MLX question.

Just some updates. 


LDP was enabled on E5/1. After disable MPLS-LDP on the interface, things starts working... 


So I can not enable HQOS for LDP enabled ports? 

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