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Grounding Brocade ethernet switches

I've checked a couple install guides but haven't found instructions on grounding FCX or ICX switches.  They a reference the hardware section and a phrase "Grounding: Rack-mounted equipment should be properly grounded."

While going back thru our installs we're verifying rack grounding but we're not sure about the switch itself.  Couple questions :

1. Is the a best practice for these?

2. Is there a particular chassis screw which has the best "grounding potential"?  There is no screw marked.

3. OR is the chassis grounded via the power supply/ac ground?

The mounts of course won't work because they're painted.  I'm thinking the best option may be grounding each switch back to a ground bar but again which screw has best potential (if it matters).


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Re: Grounding Brocade ethernet switches

Hi swall,

     Grounding on these are via the power supplies - only Ethernet Foundry/Brocade switches I have seen with a deadecated grounding point are the chassis devices.

     I think the wording "check the grounding" is meaning make sure the power rail/s the switch is connected to is properly grounded.



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