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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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GVRP and dual-mode ports

do we need to enable dual-mode inorder to use gvrp ?

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Re: GVRP and dual-mode ports

No. on the other hand you need to be aware below points about gvrp and about default vlan:

The default VLAN (VLAN 1) is not advertised by the Brocade implementation of GVRP. The

default VLAN contains all ports that are not members of statically configured VLANs or VLANs

enabled for GVRP.

NOTE:The default VLAN has ID 1 by default. You can change the VLAN ID of the default VLAN, but only

before GVRP is enabled. You cannot change the ID of the default VLAN after GVRP is enabled.

Single STP must be enabled on the device. Brocade implementation of GVRP requires Single

STP. If you do not have any statically configured VLANs on the device, you can enable Single

STP as follows.

Brocade(config)#vlan 1



Brocade(config)#span single

These commands enable configuration of the default VLAN (VLAN 1), which contains all the

device ports, and enable STP and Single STP.

All VLANs that are learned dynamically through GVRP are added to the single spanning tree.

All ports that are enabled for GVRP become tagged members of the GVRP base VLAN (4093). If

you need to use this VLAN ID for another VLAN, you can change the GVRP VLAN ID.

All VLAN ports added by GVRP are tagged.

GVRP is supported only for tagged ports or for untagged ports that are members of the default VLAN

You can use GVRP on a device even if the device has statically configured VLANs. GVRP does
not remove any ports from the statically configured VLANs, although GVRP can add ports to the
VLANS. GVRP advertises the statically configured VLANs. Ports added by GVRP do not appear
in the running-config and will not appear in the startup-config file when save the configuration.
You can manually add a port to make the port a permanent member of the VLAN. After you
manually add the port, the port will appear in the running-config and be saved to the
startup-config file when you save the configuration

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