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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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GRE tunneling

We're working on a project where we are getting Layer2 (L2) circuits to several sites.  But few sites won't have the L2 offering so we will need to get traditional L3 circuits there.


So, we're weighing using Juniper EX4200 or a Brocade 6450-xx to be a GRE concentrator for lack of a better term, at our central site (this is a true star topology, no need for the "spokes to mesh" directly and circumvent the "hub")   We would have several 6450-C12-PD units at the remote locations that have L3 circuits, with GRE tunnels back to a central point for effectively L2 connections to these remote sites (encryption at the network layer is not needed, that is handled up the stack. but if you have other ideas that would include encryption, fine too)


the juniper ex4200's include GRE and the 6450-C12 needs the L3 license upgrade.  the ex series switches can support 100's of GRE tunnels, per but we're not sure how many the 6450-24 or 48 support.  Some questions:


1) do you use GRE with the 6450 family of switches?  How so?

2) any idea how many GRE sessions could be terminated on a 6450 switch? (if we use one as our central point/concentrator)

3) does enabling GRE on a brocade 'take over' the port in that it's no longer a traditional switch port? or do you use loopback interfaces?

4) we need to get multiple vlans from remote sites back to main site over GRE, does the Brocade support this? (ie: like cisco's psuedowire)

5) would you trust your Brocade's interface on a public link/IP directly? meaning we are trying ot avoid firewalls/nat in the remote sites and ideally would have the 6450-12C's direct on the L3/IP connections in the field.  Any reservations to doing this?



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Re: GRE tunneling

Hi Colllinsdomain,

    GRE point to point is not supported on the ICX-64xx, from the Layer 3 Routing Configuration Guide (off version 8)


IPv4 point-to-point GRE tunnels
NOTE This feature is supported on FCX , ICX 6610, and FastIron SX devices only.




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Re: GRE tunneling

ICX 6450 or 6430 doesn’t support GRE. My recommendation for GRE-capable switches are:


  1. ICX 6610 with ADV license (64 tunnels)
  2. FCX with ADV license (64 tunnels)
  3. NetIron CES (128 tunnels)
  4. NetIron CER (256 tunnels)


Vyatta 5400 supports both GRE and L2TP. 


Vyatta 5400 virtual router

Data sheet:

Software features:

60-day free trial -

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Re: GRE tunneling

Looks like there is GRE support for ICX 6450 (PREM license) included in the new software release.

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