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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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Future plan to include NAT in ICX series?

Is there any plan to include NAT capabilities in the ICX series Switches/Routers? Be it with licensing upgrades, or included in base software. Just wondering since my organization currently has 48 ICX 6450 switches running the router software, as the core for each of the 48 locations, and we would like to pull the NAT'ing off our firewall and move it to the cores. Each of the 48 locations has it's own public address, and all the translations are killing the CPU on our firewall and causing a huge bottle neck in our network. 



Chuck Hendrickson

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Re: Future plan to include NAT in ICX series?

I asked on the FCX platform a while back and got a no, the ADX platform handles NAT IIRC, as does the Brocade (Vyatta) vRouter platform

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