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Foundry\Brocade Support

Where do I go for discussions\documentation\downloads for Foundry (or even Brocade) switch gear? Brocade sends us to Extreme's site and Extreme doesn't have anything useful to say about it. Their support even sends me back to Brocade.

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Re: Foundry\Brocade Support



Are you looking for something specific or just legacy Foundry documentation.  Extreme Networks may be the new home of the hardware you are looking for if you have already been redirected.   I'll do my best to either find the info or a contact to assist you.





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Re: Foundry\Brocade Support

As far as I know will be the source at least till January 2018.
Jörg Kost
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Re: Foundry\Brocade Support

Jorg is correct. remains the location for downloading documentation until mid-January 2018.

At that time documentation will be posted on the Extreme Portal.

Thanks, Jorg!

Steve Peixoto
Sr. Mgr. Support Operations, Extreme Networks

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