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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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Forced to reload switch after port configuration

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This is my first time posting here.  I'm in the Sys Admin at my company (just started a few months ago).  We've been having issues with our wireless access points.  The APs are setup with different networks (guest and corp), but only the guest configuration seems to be working.


I can get both networks working when plugged into specific ports.  So, my question is, do the ports on the switch need to be configured a certain way?  Networking isn't my strong suit...I'm a Windows guy.  From what I can tell, it has to be something with the way the ports are configured.  Any ideas?


Edit: It may help to say that currently there are 2 VLANS configured on my switches.  One for external guest access and one for internal employees.

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Registered: ‎06-12-2015

Re: Port configuration for access points

Update:  So I figured out how I need to configure the ports for my access points to work correctly.  My next issue is after I reconfigure a port, my switch basically shuts down.  I need to reload from the web interface or connect with a console cable and reload.


Any ideas why it does that?  That can't be normal.


The switch model is 6450.

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