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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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Firmwaredownload from a windows location

Hi All,


I am trying to update a couple of switches we have.


The only location I can get the update files to is a Windows terminal server.


I have the files saved on my desktop.


But when running firmwaredownload from the switch it is not able to find the file.


Has anyone had this problem before? Does anyone know what way the file location should be put in?


I am trying to upload them using ftp and have confirmed with the firewall team it is open.


Many thanks

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Re: Firmwaredownload from a windows location



you must first have a configured an runnig FTP Server, no matter is this a Linux or MS FTP.


the FTP Server must be accessible from Brocade Switch - the switch work as FTP Client -

the FOS package must be unzipped into FTP root Folder or in a folder in FTP Root.


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