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Firmware level

Hi all,


I work in IT staff in my corporate and I have a question about the firmware level on fabric switch. We've two Brocade 48000 with latest firmware level, two 6510 with 7.1.1c. We've recently purchased two Lenovo Flex chassis with FC5022 (Brocade 6547) with 7.2.1a. firmware level. What problems we might encounter if the firmware levels are left unchanged? (7.1.1c vs 7.2.1a). Does we must necessarily make a downgrade or an upgrade of the 6510/6547 firmware level ?


Thanks a lot.



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Re: Firmware level

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I would research what Brocade suggests as the target path code for each product and go to that version if possible. If you wanted to play it safe you can open a Brocade TAC case to get their recommendation (if you have support on these devices).

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