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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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Finding ports set to Half Duplex

As I understand it, a switch/router port connecting to a non-Brocade switch will end up in Half-Duplex if the Auto Negotiation fails.  Is there a way to find any Half Duplex ports amongst 200 Brocade ICX switches or do I look for error messages about excessive collisions?



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Re: Finding ports set to Half Duplex



show interfaces brief


will give you an overview of the connection states.  If you pipe to "include Half" then this should show you all of the Half duplex ports



sh int br | inc Half


You would have to do this on each switch, or each switch stack.  You might be able to script this if you are familiar with "Expect" or you have scripting feature within your terminal emulator




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Re: Finding ports set to Half Duplex

Sorry, I missed it when you replied.  Thanks.

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