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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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getting the follwing error message Flash access in progress try again later when I type the following command copy flash flash secondary

can anyone explain what this means?, and what do i do?


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Flash access is in progress. Please try later / Please try again.

I have the same error on an ICX6450.  I upgraded the boot-monitor image via the BNA, and selected to reboot after the upgrade.  The image got upgraded, but the switch never rebooted.  So I tried to do a wr mem before rebooting, and got the error.  Could not get past it, so I'm just trying to reboot manually, but got the error again, and wont let me reboot.

I'm kind of stuck now, not sure what to do.  How do I kill whatever connection the switch still thinks is open???



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Re: Fes424

What happened with your "Flash access in progress." message?  I'm now terrified the device will reboot and not come back up...


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Re: Fes424

FYI our problem is on an FESX424HF on 07.2.02fT3e1

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Re: Fes424

Hello Garg,


Thank you for your post on the Community. We looked into this for you, but due to the FES424 being EOS/EOL (End of Life/End of Support), we are unable to assist with your question.


If you would like a referral to our Sales Team, please let me know.


Kind Regards,


Denise K.

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Re: Fes424

[ Edited ]

 I doubt this answer is very helpful. Also the original issue was raised 2012 and at least in 2015 somebody claimed the ICX6450 is having a similar issue, which is still in support.


My advise would be:

- Secure the config (if you dont do it regularly)

- Verify current firmware (show flash, dir flash, ...)

- Hook up the console (could be a remote server terminal, too)

- reboot the switch and have firmware/tftp/management access ready, if it wont boot up.

Jörg Kost

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